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Our story

Creation (1997)

Founded focused in M&A, we aligned a culture of discretion with meritocracy and partnership

Development (2007)

igc stands out for its ability to close 3 times more deals than the market’s average

Relevance (2012)

Establishment of igc as a reference in the advisory field, not only by the volume of deals, but also the quality of our transactions

Establishment (2019)

Consolidation of igc as the most important M&A advisory firm in Brazil, with proven experience and track record in all relevant sectors of the economy






We how to deal with different kinds of counterparts.

And we are respected by them, whether they are investment funds, family businesses, entrepreneurs, national or multinational companies.We know how to obtain the best deal terms, understanding the right time to push or stop, demonstrating that the value of a company goes beyond its financials.

We have a unique vision of the market


We have gone to market over 500 times


We have relationships with over 250 private equity funds



We have direct contact with more than 10,000 companies

We align our experience to a proven methodology

We know the appropriate pace for each project and understand that speeding up differs from rushing. The worst that could happen to a company is unecessary exposure. Our proven method is unique and results in a high percentage of closed transactions
Understanding the company, the market and the need of vendor due diligence
Valuation, strategy definition and investment thesis
Mapping out potential buyers/investors
Going to market (roadshow)
Receiving offers and structuring transactions
Due diligence and contract negotiation
Closing and announcement

We hold the best and largest team in Brazil

Our partners have been together in the industry for years, sharing knowledge and experience. Our team is completely dedicated to M&A and specialized in a multitude of industries.


Holding on the execution


on the support

Extremely focused

At igc, M&A is neither a business department nor a portfolio product.
It is our reason to exist.